How I Overcame My Very Public Failure


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In This Episode, You'll Discover:

  • You can overcome your mistakes and failures.
  • Your positive mindset will get you through your challenges.
  • Be you. Have fun doing what you love.

Wisdom From William:

  • You have two choice: live your life with courage and embrace the whole thing or hide in fear and hope people will forget about you. For me, there was only one reasonable choice I could possibly make and that was to move ahead full steam forward.
  • Think about your objective and purpose of life. Is it to please other people, to fit in, or is there a better choice?
  •  There will always be pros and cons with the positions you're taking in life.
  • I’m going to open my own doors. I’m going to share my story to inspire people to overcome their fears.
  • I can bring joy to other people through entertainment. I’m just having fun. Other people are just having fun. What’s wrong with that?
  • Too many people settle for something less than themselves and that’s a tragedy. Life is short.
  • There is always an alternative.
  • You’re not going to change over night, start building the other path, as long as you start, you can get there.
  • Know what you really want in your life beyond the money and fame.
  • What can you do to serve others? You have to serve others to sustain yourself.
  • Have the courage to stand by your values

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

About William Hung:

Back in 2004, William Hung’s unique rendition of the song “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin during his American Idol audition can be seen as a humiliating failure. Yet, he was able to maintain a positive attitude despite intense criticism. He chose to stand up for himself. He believes he doesn’t need to please everyone. He believes he can live his life with courage on his own terms.

Today, he helps people to uncover their courageous voice so they can have prosperous fulfilling lives. He wants to live a life with a mission bigger than himself by sharing his business and life experience with the world.

William's Website
William's Facebook Page

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