You dream of being comfortable in your own skin. You dream of going after what you want with confidence and feeling happy with your everyday life. But your fear and self-doubt are holding you hostage, causing you to feel trapped and powerless to change your situation.

What if there was a way to change all of that?

In this book, award-winning author and Teen Confidence Expert Jacqui Letran is going to let you in on a little secret: you already have all the tools you need. You have extraordinary Inner Super Powers that will help you find your own happiness, self-confidence, and peace of mind—and it starts with you!

In this book you will discover:

  • Your top seven Inner Super Powers, guaranteed to destroy your fear and self-doubt
  • How to consistently tap into and unleash your Inner Super Powers to create the experiences you really want
  • How to reprogram your mind to be calm, confident, and courageous in everything you do
  • Real-life methods and exercises to integrate your Inner Super Powers into your everyday life
  • How to use your Inner Super Powers to dramatically improve your life—and much, much more!

Stop secretly wishing you could be someone else or have a different life. You can learn to Unleash your Inner Super Powers and create the epic life you've been dreaming of!

Unleash Your Inner Super Powers is an enlightening, practical book that will help struggling teens and young adults unleash their inner superhero—and change their lives for the better.


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Unleash Your Inner Super Powers: and destroy fear and self-doubt, by Jacqui Letran, is actually ground-level material about how anyone can improve their perspective, their state of mind and their potential for success. This is not lofty material, it is simple, fundamental and powerful stuff because it addresses the very pillars of what makes us US. If you browsed through the book, you might think that it’s an over-simplification of things we all know, and to a degree, they are things which we have all heard before one way or another. However, the author presents them in such a way that it opens one up to new perspectives and she uses lots of anecdotes to make them very real to us.  The book includes exercises so that the reader can practice each principle presented and gain more familiarity and confidence in using them. Only the most calloused of persons could possibly read this book and not find some insight on how to brighten their life. Recommended reading for all ages, teen on up.

Authors Inspiring Change

Letran has put together an excellent and insightful manual for helping teens and adults approach their anxiety and self-doubt with renewed determination and a toolkit full of relatable and understandable exercises. Unleash Your Inner Super Powers is a wonderful book for those dealing with issues of anxiety and is a must-read for those with low self-esteem or social anxiety.

 San Francisco Book Review

This book presents a few simple ideas in a clear, concise, step-by-step manner that anyone can use to bringing out their own “super powers” to achieve the life they want. It’s easy to follow, gets right to the point. The exercises are really simple, not overwhelming. They’re actually fun to do! It’s not meant be read through in one sitting, cover to cover. You can take your time, try it out. Don’t take my word for it - test it for yourself. Read through the first part, download the free workbook and fill in the blanks. The person who started the book won’t be the same person who’s finished it. So if you’re hoping for a book that can really change your life for the better - look no further.

Ricci DePass

A brilliant read for teens struggling with today’s frantic lifestyle and a great tool for parents, grandparents and teen mentors. I was surprised to learn that we can actually exchange any emotion we are feeling in favor of one we choose; for example we can swap anxiousness for calmness, at will. I found myself really relating to the scenarios and realizing we can all draw on our own inner super powers to achieve our potential. If only I’d read this book when I was a teen! I can see how we truly are the maker of our own destiny.

Sally Guyatt

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