Season 2: Episode 7
The Inner Super Power of Love

In This Episode, You'll Discover:

  • Why love is so important.
  • Three common misconceptions that make it difficult for people to love themselves.
  • Why it is important to show yourself love.

​​​Action Steps: 

  • GOAL:  Use the Inner Super Power of Love to build your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.
    • Create an "I Love Me!" list. Grab your journal and set a timer for twenty minutes. Write down everything you like, love, enjoy, or admire about yourself and your life. Write down everything that comes to mind. Nothing is too small to list here.
    • For the next seven days, add three to five new items to your “I Love Me!” list each day. Feel free to extend this exercise beyond the seven days if you wish.
    • Spend five to ten minutes each day enjoying your list. Read each item as you use the power of your imagination to make each statement come alive for you in your mind. Relive special moments in your mind and allow those good feelings to grow stronger.
    • If you ever feel down about yourself, or need a quick pick-me-up, go back to your list and review it again to remind yourself just how magnificent you really are. Pick one or two things you love about yourself and focus on those qualities.
    • Review your journal entries and at your fear that you want to work on overcoming. What negative thoughts and feelings did you identify? What past experiences are you judging yourself for that allowed your Inner Bully to hold you back with fear tactics? How disempowering was your self-talk previously? Spend a moment thinking about these things so you can work on them. Once you've completed this step, start using the Inner Super Powers we've talked about to work on overcoming your fear:
      • Start with forgiving yourself and notice how good it feels to let go of your self judgements.
      • Use the Inner Super Power of Words to create empowering "I AM" statements and Word Filters you can use moving forward. Incorporate those items you've identified in your "I Love Me!" list.
      • Use the Inner Super Power of Courage to unleash your Inner Super Power of Imagination and step into your Personal Creation Studio and practice overcoming your obstacles with vivid details and strong positive feelings.
      • Engage the Inner Super Power of Your Body to keep your body open and standing tall as you practice your new skills.

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